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Reporting Mold Concerns

Mold can make you very sick. Therefore, it is important that measures be taken to prevent it. Whether it be a housing complex, office, or school, it is important to know how to report any mold concerns.


If your property owner of builder has not taken your concerns regarding mold seriously, contact the local board of health or housing authority. Mold issues are generally dealt with on a local level not federal. An insurance agent or state government official should be knowledgeable about the laws in your area. While the Center for Disease Control does not have enforcement powers, they can provide you with information regarding your state’s Indoor Air Quality program.


If you believe your workplace is making you sick, alert your employer about your concern. In addition, a union representative may be able to help you. The state or county health department may offer mold assessment and remediation services.


The school’s administration should be contacted regarding concerns of mold. Additionally, the issue can be brought up to the school board.


In addition to reporting mold concerns, it is imperative that the affected individual see a doctor. While it is important to clean up any present mold, it is crucial that the health issues caused by the mold be treated as soon as possible. Health must be a priority.

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