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Accidents Caused by Bicyclists

Bicyclists are subject to many of the same traffic laws and regulations that other motorists must submit to on a daily basis. Unfortunately, some bicyclists fail to adhere to these laws and engage in unsafe behavior. In doing this, bicyclists can cause a serious accident to occur, leading others to be involved, including drivers of other motor vehicles, and to be injured. Such accidents can lead to injuries and huge financial burdens, largely in the form of medical treatment expenses. While bicyclists are often not found responsible for causing accidents, there are certain situations in which they are, leading to them being held liable for these losses and costs that others endure.

Common Causes of Accidents

Bicyclists can sometimes operate their bicycles in unsafe ways that can create serious problems for other drivers who have to encounter them. For example, the following behaviors can be very unsafe and can easily lead to an accident:

  • A bicyclist coasting through a stop sign or red light
  • A bicyclist refusing to yield right of way
  • A bicyclist swerving between vehicles in heavy traffic
  • A bicyclist operating his or her bike while intoxicated
  • A bicyclist failing to indicate when he or she is turning

These behaviors are inherently unsafe and all too easily cause devastating accidents that injure innocent people. Thus, if a bicyclist engages in these reckless or unsafe behaviors, which then leads to an accident, then the victim of that accident might be due financial compensation from the bicyclist.

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