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Accidents Involving Trucks

Car accidents happen every single day, whether or not you are involved or not, you may hear the sirens of the police or ambulance screaming down the street. An accident between two small cars is one thing, but often times a small car and a large truck collide due to common driving mistakes or negligence. Accidents involving large trucks or 18-wheelers are more than likely very serious, and often result in fatalities.

However, to prevent these types of accidents it is important to keep several safety tips in mind.

Remember that trucks and other large vehicles need much more room to slow and stop. Keeping a safe distance at all times from trucks can help avoid collisions—safe distance to the front, back, and sides.

Common accidents involving trucks often happen when the truck is turning. Because their vehicles are so long, truckers need more room to make turns. They can also not make as tight of turns as other types of vehicles. Trucks have many blind spots, so make sure the driver can see you, especially when you pass these large vehicles.

Jackknifing can be common especially in bad weather when the driver has to turn quickly and must brake hard. Accidents involving trucks can be extremely serious. Make sure to be especially vigilant when driving near a large truck.

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