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Avoiding Truck Accidents

Car accidents happen every single day of the year, 24 hours a day, in every city in America. Some are fender benders, others are more serious. Some of the most serious accidents that happen involve large trucks, semis and eighteen wheelers. Because these vehicles are so much larger than other vehicles on the road, they are not only dangerous to other vehicles, but to themselves as well. The two most common accidents with trucks that cause fatalities are rollovers and fuel fires.


Rollovers are extremely serious. If a large truck rolls over there is a good chance that the driver will be killed, and that the vehicle itself can be the cause of accidents for vehicles around it. The specific danger in rollovers is the structural integrity of the truck’s cab. Unfortunately, the roof of a truck is not very strong, so in a rollover, it flattens. The driver is in a bad position and there is no way to prevent this. However, some drivers have survived these accidents by jumping out of the cab before the rollover occurs.

Fuel Fires

When a truck gets in an accident, the fuel tank can become punctured and the fuel can leak out onto the vehicle. The most common way for a fire to start and catch this fuel on fire is if the spare batteries become crushed and exposed to the fuel. The best way to avoid this is to keep spare batteries out of the cab.

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