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Birth Injury or Birth Trauma

There are few things more frightening to an expectant mother than the thought of harm coming to her baby. Most mothers go to great lengths in order to ensure the safety of their unborn children. Unfortunately there are certain things that cannot be avoided no matter how hard the mother may work.

There are a number of hereditary illnesses and other medical conditions that cannot be avoided. But there are other injuries that happen during birth that are the result of negligence on the part of the obstetrician, family physician, or a labor and delivery nurse. When things go wrong during a birth it is referred to as a birth injury or birth trauma.

Advances in technology such as ultrasonography and fetal monitoring have greatly reduced the number of birth injuries, but they are still a serious problem and inexperienced or hurried doctors can easily cause injury or death.

Failure to Diagnose and Birth Injury

One of the major causes of birth injury is when a doctor fails to properly detect complications early. If a baby is breeched or its umbilical cord wraps around its neck and it is not detected during a check-up, the doctor or ultra-sound technician may be liable for injury or death.

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