Everyday Appliance Dangers: Curling Irons

Depending on how you like to style your hair, you may use a curling iron daily. This electrical appliance
is a part of the daily beauty regimen for millions of American women. But they may not realize that
as they curl and twink and style, they are at risk for serious injury. Serious injury can come without
any warning after one small move.

How Curling Iron Accidents Happen

Some of the most dangerous appliances are the ones that people use on a daily basis without thinking.
Curling irons join things like toaster ovens, hair dryers and many others in the long list of everyday
appliances that can be deadly.

The most common injuries from curling irons are burns. Curling irons are extremely hot and when misused
can cause burns so serious that skin grafts may be necessary. Along with burns comes the risk of electrical
shock. It is very convenient to use electric beauty appliances in the bathroom to save time after a
bath or shower. But water and electricity is a deadly combination and the bathroom, especially after
morning routines such as showers, face washing or teeth brushing, can get very wet. For users of electrical
appliances, the result can be a serious shock or even death.

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