Cyber Stalking

Even though we may think we are safe surfing around on the internet, in reality, digital crime is quickly rising. Although personal identity theft has been in the news a lot lately, another dangerous crime that has seen a rise, especially against women, is cyber stalking.

Cyber stalking is a crime in which one person uses the internet to gather personal information and to torment another person through electronic means. Unfortunately, like most internet crimes, it can be very difficult to find the criminal person, as well as to prove the assault.

Because of its recent emergence, there have been studies conducted to figure out who is most likely to be the victim and how to protect oneself. Women, especially those who are looking at dating websites, are likely to put a large amount of personal information on the web. Unfortunately, most women feel very safe doing this, and do not think about that information being used against them in a cyber stalking crime. Because this has become quite common, the Federal government added a clause to the Violence Against Women Act that address the criminality of cyber stalking. Of course this is a very difficult crime to regulate against, but at least steps are being taken to try and stop this type of harassment.

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