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Dangers of Gymnastics

With gymnastics, injuries can be expected. Although the sport is exhilarating, there are endless opportunities for injury. Most competitive gymnasts have experienced their fair share of blackouts and emergency room trips.

Between 1990 and 2005, 426,000 gymnasts ages 6 to 17 were treated in US emergency rooms. That comes out to 27,000 injuries per year from the sport. Younger children are more likely to fracture or dislocate their upper extremities where as older children are likely to sprain their lower extremities. Researchers say the sport can be compared to ice hockey in terms of the number of injuries it yields.

Some suggest the injury numbers are actually higher than what is reported. Gymnastic culture is known as rough and tough. Many kids put up with injuries for a long time before they are willing to report it.

Although professionals recognize the risks, they still advocate the sport. It is great exercise and builds very healthy children. The sport trains athletes in agility, poise, quickness, strength, and flexibility.

There are safety measures that should be taken to reduce the risk of injury. Children should only practice the sport with a coach or trained spotter. Gyms should have good equipment that is clean and no concrete should be exposed in the gym.

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