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Defective Products: Is Anyone Liable?

If you believe you have been injured by a defective product it is important to look carefully at the product’s condition. To have a real chance at receiving damages, you must prove that not only is the product defective, but you must prove that this defect is what caused you or your family’s injury.

There are three different types of defective product liability claims; defective manufacturing, defective design, and inadequate instructions or failure to give appropriate warnings.

Defective Manufacturing

This is caused by a defect in the manufacturing process of a product. This could be anything from having too much lead in paint to having an item break under common usage. For example, if a child’s play pen has a heavy door that breaks when a child pulls on it, causing it to fall on the child, this would be a defect in manufacturing.

Defective Design

This is caused by a flaw in the basic design of a product, making it a common problem for many people. For example, if you drive a lightweight SUV, it may tend to roll over when going at high speeds around corners. This could be a design flaw and may result in a product recall.

Failure to Give Proper Instructions or Warnings

This could be responsible for a person hurting themselves because they didn’t know what to expect when using the product. For example, if you take a certain medication that does not list the side effects, and you experience a serious ailment due to this, you would be able to file for a claim against the manufacturer.

In all three cases, it is the responsibility of the manufacturing company to award damages.

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