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Farm Equipment and Serious Injury

Not many people think of farm workers when they consider hazardous occupations. Without farm workers, our society would come unraveled. They provide the sustenance for Americans to live. But in order to do so, they must work with a variety of extremely dangerous types of equipment. This equipment is essential to the fast production and export of edible goods, but serious injury and even death can result when safety procedures are put to the side or equipment is not properly maintained.

Agriculture is actually one of the most hazardous industries in the country. Each year more than 700 occupational fatalities and 120,000 work-related disabling injuries occur in this industy. With more than 2 million people employed annually and working around many potential dangers, this rate is not completely surprising. But despite these alarming numbers, agriculture is largely exempt from federal guidelines meant to provide safety in the workplace.

Because of the lack of regulation, many farm employees are improperly trained to use equipment and are not informed of the many safety hazards that exist. Employees are often not given the proper safety gear to protect themselves from dangerous machinery such as goggles and protective footwear.

Farm equipment is usually very large in scale and contains a multitude of sharp blades used for cutting fields of crops. When improperly used, these machines can result in accidental amputation or even death.

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