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Gyms: Breeding Grounds for Dangerous Bacteria?

Along with a healthy diet and adequate sleep, routine exercise is an integral part of a healthy, happy body. Many people find that the easiest way for them to keep up with an exercise routine is by joining a gym. Gyms have a number of group classes with skilled instructors as well as many different types of exercise equipment for cardio training, muscle building and optimal stretching. However, gyms can carry a serious health risk.

The Dangers of Negligent Cleaning

Any place that sees a good crowd of people on a daily basis should pay special attention to sanitation, but gyms should be at the forefront of germ control. Some of the health risks include:

  • Individuals come in to use equipment. As they work out, sweat streams off the body and onto the treadmill or weights.
  • Locker rooms are wet and damp and full of fungus such as the kind that causes athlete’s foot.
  • Mats are used by hundreds of sweaty people every day, and are rarely touched by any type of sanitizer.

Many gyms fail to properly clean their facilities despite the large numbers of people that come in and out every hour. Most gyms use the excuse that it is difficult to clean while any patron is still in the gym, so they wait until night to briefly spritz down equipment (if even that.) This inattention makes gyms a ripe place to catch diseases, or to get infections or skin conditions.

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