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Horseback Riding Hazards

Most people associate horseback riding with family trail rides and good, carefree fun. Images of horse and rider galloping along beaches or dashing after cows are common imagery for any American. Unfortunately, while these activities are common and the popularity is growing, it is perhaps one of the most dangerous recreational sports activities a person can choose to engage in.

Types of Horseback Riding

There are a number of different areas within the horseback riding umbrella. Some activates are far more dangerous than others. For instance, a trail ride is a relatively harmless event to attend. Guided tours with professionals who will keep riders well within their technical limits are also a good choice for the cautious, but other activities involving horses can have potentially deadly results, including:

  • Jumping: Along with broken bones and torn ligaments, jumping can result in spinal chord injuries, traumatic head injury and paralysis. Horseback jumping is particularly popular among young girls, which makes the dangers of this activity all the more disturbing.
  • Barrel racing: This activity requires horse and rider to dart at extreme speeds between set up barrels.
  • Hunting: The biggest danger associated with hunting while on horseback is the possibility for surprise dangers. Undetected overhanging limbs, rocks and water can all result in being thrown from a horse.
  • Rodeo: Most rodeo events are only preformed by professionals or semi-professionals, but even the best horsemen and women can be maimed or thrown.

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