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Indoor Playgrounds and Bacteria

Indoor playgrounds are becoming increasingly popular among parents who want to take a break while their children play in a “safe” space. The irony here is that many parents believe that these playgrounds are safer because they are indoors. This is not the reality, however. In fact, indoor playgrounds may pose a much greater threat than outdoor playgrounds. This threat is the fast spread of illness-causing germs.

The Additional Danger of Indoor Play Spots

Just about any fast food restaurant parents take their kids too nowadays has a playground inside for children to play on while they wait for their meals. After playing and collecting a number of germs on their hands and bodies, children then touch food and the bacteria enters their bodies.

The reason indoor playgrounds pose a greater threat as far as germs go than other play grounds is that germs grow freely and at very fast rates indoors. But the sun is one of the best disinfectants.

The sun alone constantly sterilizes outdoor playgrounds. While some indoor playgrounds may be routinely cleaned at the end of the day, it is still very hard to completely sanitize everything and any germs that have collected on the pieces throughout the day are present until cleaning. Ball pits are a particular concern as they are nearly impossible to fully clean.

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