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Medical Malpractice and Informed Consent

When you go into the doctor’s office and are told you need an operation, a person’s first instinct would probably be to ask what the risks involved in the operation will be. A good physician will tell you everything you need to know; whether you really need the surgery, what the recovery time is, what the possible side effects are, and if there chance of death.

However, not all doctors are the same and some are much better than others. In the legal world, medical malpractice cases are surprisingly common. In many cases, the lawsuits involve something called “Informed Consent.” Lack of informed consent is when a doctor does not inform the patient about all the risks involved in a procedure that they will be performing. Often times, physicians will type up a document detailing the procedure and the risks, so that there is less chance of a medical malpractice suit.

If a doctor strays from the agreement that the doctor and patient agreed upon, for example, performing a different procedure, the patient can sue for malpractice. Even if the alternative procedure is successful, it can still be grounds for malpractice.

If you feel you have been misled by your physician or were not given all the information you needed to give your informed consent, you should contact a personal injury lawyer to look at your case.

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