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Reducing Lead Poisoning

Most people know that lead poisoning can be caused by old paint. However, there are many other sources. To protect your family, below are some recommendations from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

Home Remedies

Be careful when using traditional home remedies. Many items used in folk medicine have been shown to contain lead. A prime example is Greta and Azarcon. They are medicines used to treat upset stomachs. Unfortunately, they can have lead contents as high as 90%.

Mexican Candy

Avoid consumption of candy imported from Mexico. The FDA has issued several warnings about this issue.


If cookware or containers are not shown to be lead free, do not use them. Only place food in containers where one is certain of the contents.


When using tap water, use cold for drinking and cooking. This is especially important in mixing baby formula. Hot water is more likely to contain higher levels of lead. The lead in household water is primarily due to the house’s plumbing and not the water supply.


If you have kids, keep up to date with toy recalls. The Consumer Product Safety Commission posts recall lists on their site at http://www.cpsc.gov.


After working with products that contain lead, be sure to shower thoroughly. Common projects that can expose you to lead include bullet making, stained glass work, and using a firing range.

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