Scuba Diving Risks

Scuba diving allows you to explore the deep beauty of the ocean. However, like most sports, scuba diving is not without risks. Before diving, it is important to take a scuba certification class. The class will prepare you for the sport and provide advice regarding dangerous situations that may occur. These classes are available at a number of institutions throughout the world. For the more mature scuba diver, there are advanced classes offered for additional certification. Never dive alone, and before diving, check all the tanks, gauges, and other equipment to ensure they are in proper working order.

While the average person might cite sharks as a danger to scuba divers, they do not pose a great risk. The Diver’s Alert Network reports that of the 100 scuba deaths annually, almost none are due to sharks. Most shark attacks happen to people standing near the shore.

Scuba diving is a dangerous sport, so it is imperative one be properly trained. There are many complications that can arise. For instance, if a person ascends too quickly to the surface, they can develop a decompression sickness known as the bends. This illness can result in vomiting, paralysis, and even death.

Most of the injuries sustained while diving are sinus and ear problems. Middle ear pain may be experienced due to pressure changes. In addition, cuts are common from coral and ship debris.

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