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Settling Out of Court

When the word lawsuit is used in casual conversation, it can evoke images of television scenes in which lawyers, victims and witnesses melodramatically clash in front of an impartial jury. Because this is what pop culture tells people a lawsuit is, some people may feel intimidated by the idea of pursuing a personal injury lawsuit.

Personal injury lawsuits, in fact, usually result in quite the opposite scenario. By far the vast majority of personal injury lawsuits never even go to court. They are instead settled out of court in a relatively methodic and uneventful manner.

Benefits of Settling Out of Court

There is a reason most personal injury cases are settled out of court. These reasons include:

  • Timeliness: taking a lawsuit to court can drag the suit out for months or, in some cases, even years. A lawsuit settled out of court can end the second both sides agree on damages and other settlement terms.
  • Money: because lawsuits that go to court typically take a great deal more time to complete, lawyers must be paid a much greater sum. Also, if the personal injury case is solid, it is likely that the prosecuting party can receive much more in damages settling than they would be awarded by a judge.
  • Ease: going to court can cause a great deal of anxiety and creates a level of uncertainty that is not present when a case is settled.

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