Stair Accidents

Falling down the stairs may seem like a minor accident, but in reality, there are serious risks, such as broken bones, internal bleeding, even death. If you involved in a stair accident, or a slip/fall accident, it is important that you find out as much information about the owner of the building, the conditions of the stairs, and the state building codes as possible.

Here are some questions that you should ask yourself:

How are the Stairs Constructed?

If the stairs are uneven from step to step, or the rise and run of the entire staircase is longer or shorter than normal stairs, then this is a problem with construction, and whoever built the stairs is liable.

What is the Surface of the Stairs Like?

If the stairs are covered in old carpet or tiles the stairs can often be very slippery. If the stairs are outside, then rain or snow can also cause the surface to become slippery. This is categorized as poor upkeep, causing the owner to be liable.

Are there Handrails?

Often, handrails are required by building codes so that if a person does fall, or has poor balance, they can hold onto the handrail to stay upright. If there is none, the owner may again be liable.

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