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Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Taking your family swimming can be a fun-filled day of sun, water, and snacks. Unfortunately, these days can end in tragedy if certain precautions are not taken. In America, more than 70% of all submersion deaths are children under the age of three. This is due to lack of supervision and the accident prone space of public and home swimming pools.

Here are some tips to avoid a tragedy in your family:

Always Supervise

Keep an eye on your children is the best way to keep them from getting into or an accident, or if they do, can give you the extra time needed to help them. Most of the time, accidents happen within the roar of the crowd or underwater, so you cannot rely on hearing your child’s cry. If they develop a cramp underwater, they need you to see that they are in trouble.

Take Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons are essential for safety around a pool. Do not let your children who have not had the proper swimming and safety instruction be allowed near the pool. Swim lessons teach swimming technique, but also safety advice that can help children stay safe.

Enclose your Pool

In the case of a home pool, keep a fence or barrier around the enclosure so that a child cannot accidentally fall in the pool without your knowledge. Most injuries occur in a familiar place where the child and parent feel safe.

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