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The Basics of Negligence

Negligence claims are the bread and butter of almost all personal injury lawsuits. Negligence is the legal doctrine that establishes a duty for all citizens to minimize the risks of their actions to others. If your failure to mitigate the risk results in injury to others, you may be considered liable for those injuries.

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Criteria of Negligence

In order to prove a negligence claim, the following criteria must be shown:

  • There must be a duty of care. A person has a duty of care to any person who may be subject to non-consensual risk by their actions; they are responsible for minimizing that risk.
  • A breach of the duty of care must occur. If a person does not reasonably minimize the risk of their actions, they have breached their duty.
  • Harm must be caused by the breach. The breach of duty must be what caused the harm, rather than an alternate factor.
  • Actual damages occurred. There must be specific and provable damages that resulted from the injury.

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