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The Dangers of Fireworks

Lighting fireworks on the fourth of July and on New Year’s Eve has been an American pastime for many, many years. But this thrilling and spectacular activity often results in injuries and even deaths. In fact, in 2008 alone there were 7,000 injuries and seven deaths related to the use of fireworks. These products can be bought at stands all over the country before July 4th and Jan 1, but no one working at these stands will tell you about the inherent dangers or safety measures that should be taken when lighting them.

How Fireworks can Cause Injury

There are a number of ways that lighting fireworks can cause injury. Some potential dangers include:

  • Fire. Fireworks should never be lit in the city or anywhere there is a burn ban in effect. Grassy or wooded areas can easily catch fire when exposed to any type of firework.
  • Backfiring. Fireworks are not regulated when they are manufactured and many are defective. Fireworks are known to occasionally explode before they are meant to. This can happen while they are still in hands or close to faces. The result can be severe burns or eye injuries.
  • Hitting individuals. Fireworks that are meant to travel, such as roman candles, can easily hit someone in the group who is trying to view the fireworks.

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