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The Inherent Dangers of Aggressive Driving

Encountering a driver who is overly frustrated or even enraged can pose extreme dangers to you, even if you are not the one who seemingly caused the other driver to become angry. Unfortunately, drivers experiencing road rage do not often make the most responsible or careful decisions while behind the wheel, which can often lead to an accident involving innocent drivers. While our attorneys at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® know these drivers can be inherently dangerous and cause unsuspecting people in Rhinelander to be harmed, victims of such drivers also do not often have to shoulder the consequences of an accident on their own.

Road Rage and Inherent Dangers

Road rage can unquestionably lead to a driver being reckless or dangerous. While a driver might not even necessarily intend the harm of another person, his or her actions are inherently dangerous, and could:

  • Involve you in an accident
  • Cause an accident near you
  • Distract you or make you anxious

These dangerous effects of road rage and aggressive driving might cause you to be seriously injured in an accident. Fortunately, such drivers can often be held liable for the repercussions their actions caused.

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