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The Risks of Daycares

Many times there is little choice when it comes to child care during the day. Few people can afford to stay at home with their children over a number of years. And as the number of single parent and duel income households steadily continues to rise each year, the need for daycares has never been more apparent.

Unfortunately, as a result of the desperate need for child care, new questionable and sub par establishments open their doors to unsuspecting parents and children everyday. These daycares may even appear to be very nice from the outside and may even be quite presentable during the routine parent walk through. But parents need to be on the lookout for what happens after they leave.

Daycare Workers

The most egregious issue with many day cares is their employee to child ratio. In order to save money, some day cares will hire as few caregivers as they can get away with. With so many children to attend to, it is easy for daycare workers to forget about certain children who are quiet or especially sneaky.

When a daycare worker fails to keep an eye on a child for even a few minutes, tragic things can happen. The establishment may also not be safe in itself. It may not be properly child proofed which only ads to the chance for injury or death when a child is neglected.

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