Train Accidents

Although they are not as common as other vehicle accidents, train accidents still occur on a regular basis. Train accidents include anything from a collision to a derailment, involving one train, multiple trains, or other kinds of vehicles.

Train accidents have many types of different classifications. For examples:

  • Mechanical Failure: is usually based upon a faulty design of the train or track, poor maintenance or broken equipment
  • Engineering Failure: again, could be faulty design of train or track
  • Driver’s Error: driving too fast, not paying attention to signals or the engine temperatures
  • Signalmen Error: letting more than one train occupy a given track, allowing signal and other equipment to go unchecked for problems
  • Other: acts of nature, such as falling rock, earthquakes, and fires

Train accidents are extremely dangerous, as usually there are many people aboard. The key to preventing accidents is to maintain safety standards on all trains and tracks. It is also important to make sure that all of the signals at every intersection and operation stations are functioning properly. Most train accidents can be avoided by maintaining a safe rail transit system. This saves many innocent lives and huge amounts of federal money.

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