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Tree Trimming Accidents

Many homeowners take great pride in keeping a nicely pruned and aesthetically pleasing yard. This includes routine maintenance such as mowing, hedging, fertilizing, planting and trimming. But while each of these activities has its own potential dangers which can arise, the one that is statistically most likely to result in injury is trimming.

Why Tree trimming is Dangerous

Tree trimming can result in a number of different types of injuries. The most obvious types of injuries are severe cuts or even accidental finger amputation caused by the sharp and powerful blades in tree trimmers.

Reaching to clip undesirable branches adds an extra degree of danger to this activity as using these already dangerous tools at odd angles can cause trimmers to lose grip of the handles. The blades can then drop onto another person working nearby or onto the trimmer himself.

Another serious hazard of odd trimming angles is slips or falls while holding the trimmers. If the trimmers fall face up, the trimmer can be impaled on the blades.

Climbing the tree to reach high branches is also a common cause of injury. Doing so can be very tempting as it is the easiest way to reach pesky braches, but serious injury can easily occur.

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