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Types of Personal Injury Harm

The United States court system is a complex web of laws, lawyers, and trials. Personal injury lawsuits form just one aspect of the entire judicial system, but they are still important. In general, personal injury cases allow one party to seek damages from another party if the accusing person feels that they have been harmed or wronged by the other party. There are two types of harm that personal injury cases seek to address: financial harm and physical harm.

Financial harm covers a whole variety of cases. In effect, it involves one party wrongfully reducing the wealth of another party. This can involve a boyfriend taking his girlfriend’s property after their relationship ends. Or, it can involve an employer not paying his or her employees properly. Another possible situation of financial personal injury is when one party damages another individual’s property; for example, a construction company, when building something, may damage property or infrastructure nearby.

The second type of harm is physical harm that one party causes to another. For example, a restaurant may serve contaminated food to a patron and get her sick. Or, a doctor may not perform surgery properly and make a patient worse. Another example is that of a drunk driver crashing into another car and injuring the people inside.

Both types of personal injury cases are based on a simple concept: one party causes harm to another and the victimized party wants to seek damages to compensate for the injury. Whether the harm is financial or physical, financial compensation can be obtained.

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