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Wisconsin Malpractice Law

Medical Malpractice is a type of personal injury that usually deals with doctors, nurses, and hospital facilities. With the amount of people that now crowd our public hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices, the danger of making medical errors increases. With the increase of medical mistakes comes the risk of people getting hurt or even dying. This is why it is important to understand the laws that surround medical malpractice.

Each state has different standards for bringing forward a malpractice suit, as well as how the court will process the lawsuit. In Wisconsin, a malpractice suit must be brought within one year of discovery of malpractice. However, it can take years to discover malpractice. If you become sick many years after the initial malpractice, then you are not faulted, as all malpractice cases are very different.

Another specific rule for Wisconsin malpractice cases is that expert witnesses are not required for medical malpractice cases. If the injury or disease that was caused by the medical practitioner is simple or common enough that the everyday juror would have common knowledge of the ailment, then no expert witness is required.

When the malpractice case deals with wrongful death, the maximum amount of damages for a minor who dies is $500,000, while for an adult it is $350,000. Wrongful death cases are particularly hard to deal with, which makes the amount of damages much higher than in normal malpractice suits.

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