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$750,000 Verdict In Collapsed Deck Lawsuit

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A jury awarded $750,000 to a Montana woman last week in a lawsuit filed after a deck collapsed during Hoopfest 2004, injuring about 80 people. Ronni Boyce, a single mother, was treated at Missoula for a broken pelvis, a dislocated and broken elbow, and lower back injuries. The bone around her elbow was deemed unsalvageable, requiring the use of an implant and costing her 45 degrees of elbow movement.

The lawsuit asked for about $75,000 in medical expenses and $4 million for pain and suffering and named Diamond Horseshoe Inc. and Bert Schultz, the owner of DHI’s property, as defendants. The jury found both parties negligent, but only Schultz was found responsible for Boyce’s injuries, resulting in the $750,000 judgement.

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