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$2.5 Million Personal Injury Case for Texas Seaman

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With accusations of negligence and disregard for safety, a Port Lavaca, Texas company has been sued for injuries sustained by one of its workers.  Seaman Oscar Reyes, Jr. claims he injured his back while on the job on April 7, 2008.  Reyes was performing his regular duties when he tripped on a cable and fell onto the deck of the barge.  The injured worker claims his area lacked sufficient lighting and the tripping cable was not supposed to have been left out on deck.

Reyes had also been injured two weeks previously while on the job.  He tried to work through his injuries but was unable to complete his tasks and instead sought medical treatment.  He was eventually terminated from his position.  Plaintiff seeks lost wages, pain and mental anguish, and reimbursement for permanent earning capacity damage.

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