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Chrysler pays $18.4 million to Family

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Tennessee’s Supreme Court upheld a decision to award $18.4 million in punitive damages against DaimlerChrysler Corp. and a Nashville man.  The suit was filed after the 2001 death of an 8 month old baby who was crushed under a seat in a Chrysler minivan.

The ruling overturns the decision by a Court of Appeals to deny the Flack family, parent of the victim Jason Flack, $13.4 million in punitive damages.

The Nashville resident involved in the suit was driving a pick-up truck going over 70 mph on a 35 mph road when he rear ended the Flack’s vehicle.  Eight month old Jason was in his car seat when the front passenger seat collapsed, falling ontop of him and killing him.

His parents claimed that DaimlerChrysler knew its car seats tended to collapse backward in rear-end collision, but did nothing to fix it.

In the Supreme Court decision, the Flacks were denied $9 million in damages for distress.

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