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Drawstrings Draw Heavy Fines for Clothing Companies

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Nine companies have been fined a total of $355,000 for selling children’s clothing with drawstrings around the neck.  In 2006 jackets, sweaters, and coats with drawstrings around the neck or waist have been considered defective and automatically recalled.  The drawstrings, considered strangulation hazards, have caused the death of dozens of children as they were caught on playground equipment, cribs, and other objects.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is fining the companies for importing and selling tops with drawstrings and not notifying them.  It also recalled 8,000 items of clothing.  Companies will face fines if they fail to notify the Commission that they are selling children’s clothing with drawstrings.

Parents should cut the drawstrings off of sweaters, jacket, and coats.  Also, strings should be sewn in place to prevent them from catching on something if pulled all the way to one side.

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