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Seatbelt Malfunction Causes Death in Young Woman

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 Sandra Dozier was killed in a car accident while driving her 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix.  She lost control of the vehicle, and it rolled over.  It was a seat-belt related accident, but not what you may think.  Dozier was properly wearing her seat belt.

There is a pending claim initiated by Dozier’s family in regards to the seat-belt manufacturers.  The family is arguing the injuries imposed on their daughter were due to the unreasonably dangerous and “not reasonably crashworthy” seat belt system built in to the vehicle.

There is evidence from the scene of the accident that agrees with the family’s claims, and points to negligence on the car manufacturer’s end. 

There were glass particles found in the webbing, markings by the d-ring, and stains below stow point on the belt that are all strong indicators of a defective seat belt.

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