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Prom Approaching for Rhinelander Area High Schools

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Prom is approaching very soon for high schools around the Rhinelander area.  Emergency officials, teachers, and others are hoping to promote a safe prom for the students. Prom is increasingly becoming known as a night when high school students tend to drink illegally.  In an effort not to get caught,  these kids will drive themselves to prom without supervision.

Action is being taken to bring up the dangers of drunk driving for these students.  Recently,  demonstrations took place at a high school were simulated car accidents were shown to students.  Authorities use programs like this to show students the dangers of drunk driving and the actual physical damages it can cause. 

Authorities and teachers are encouraging a safe prom, and hope everyone takes the proper steps to be safe.  Some officials state that if you drink,  just be responsible and get someone else to drive.  

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