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Altercation leaves police officer injured

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After an altercation with police officers in Mole Lake, a 19 year-old man was arrested Saturday. The Forest County Sheriff's Department noted that the deputy involved had been injured, although the announcement also made clear that those injuries were minor. The man was arrested on a felony warrant from Oneida County, and is expected to have additional felony charges pressed after this incident.

The altercation happened after officers arrived at the man's Mole Lake home Saturday morning, The man fled on a four wheeler, causing injury to the deputy in the pursuit. Officers caught the man trying to re-enter his home just before 6 in the evening, and moved in to arrest him. He resisted, causing the officer involved in his apprehension to lose both his pepper spray and baton. The man attempted to take the officer's gun, at which point the officer fired a shot, injuring neither. The man fled the scene again, but turned himself in shortly before 8:30 that night after authorities had cornered him at his mother's house.

The department said that this man had a criminal history that included convictions on charges of drug possession, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct in both Forest and Lincoln Counties.

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