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Father files wrongful death suit over unborn fetus

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In July, an appelate court in Wisconsin ruled that a father had the right to file a wrongful death suit over an unborn child claiming that the mother was negligent and caused the death of the baby.

The incident occurred in February 2003, when the woman was 27 months pregnant and was struck by a car while pulling out of a parking lot in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. After the car accident, the child was a stillborn at birth. The father claimed that the mother and the driver of the vehicle were negligent and caused the wrongful death of the unborn child.

The insurance provider claimed that they were not repsonsible for the mother's negligence in the case. The court ruled that the mother owed a duty to the world to operate a vehicle safely and that the mother harmed the father of the child by causing the death of the fetus.

Wrongful death incidents can change the live of many, our thoughts are with the friends and family of the victim the case.