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Wisconsin birth injury suit settled for $18.2 million

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A Wisconsin birth injury lawsuit has been settled for $18.2 million after it was found that the care that she received from the healthcare facility was "horrific" and caused her child to suffer from permanent brain damage.

The suit was filed against the former Sinai Semaritan Hospital, which is federally funded, after she went there to deliver her baby. The woman's risks in the delivery were not addressed even though she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes  and  had a history of developing babies that were above average in weight.

She was not referred to a specialist and instead was put in the care of a family doctor and midwives that may have read her pre-registration notes wrong and caused her child to be injured during the birth. She was allegedly left unattended for hours and during this time the baby was trapped in the birth canal for 20 minutes and this is where she was unable to receive oxygen. This trauma caused the brain damage.