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BMW faces $3M in fines for delaying recalls

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Last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration levied a $3 million fine on BMW for delaying recalls associated with automobile defects. The fine is related to 16 recalls issued by the auto maker in 2010. In total, the recalls included 338,700 of their sports sedans and sport-utility vehicles.

A statement from the NHTSA reads, “It’s critical to the safety of the driving public that defects and recalls are reported in short order. NHTSA expects all manufacturers to address automotive safety issues quickly and in a forthright manner.” BMW’s fine is the second-largest fine imposed by the agency since 1999.

About two-thirds of the vehicles recalled by BMW in 2010 were 2004-2010  BMW 5 and 6 Series vehicles. The recall was issued after investigators found that the possibility of an oil leak in the vehicles’ brake vacuum pumps increased the risk of accidents.

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