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Wisconsin DoT says traffic fatalities significantly dropped in 2013

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Car crash-related deaths have significantly dropped in 2013 in Wisconsin, with the preliminary statistics almost equalling that of World War II-era levels, the state’s transportation department reported.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has estimated that when official statistics are released later this year regarding traffic accident-related deaths, it will be shown that 2013 had the lowest number of fatalities in Wisconsin since 1944.

Around 527 people were killed due to traffic accidents in Wisconsin in 2013, considerably lower than the 601 noted deaths in the state in 2012. This number is considered one of the state’s lowest records of traffic fatalities.

Many counties have seen a significant decrease in fatal car accidents. For instance, in Walworth County, only 11 people died in car accidents in 2013, the fewest the county has recorded since 2008’s four deaths.

A decrease in pedestrian deaths also was seen, with about 37 cases, down from 44 in 2012, which is a 16% decline.

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