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Road construction companies often employ heavy, destructive machinery when building or repairing roads that can pose a serious road safety hazard to passing drivers. The machines themselves, as well as the debris they create, could easily cause a harmful auto accident unless the company makes an effort to ensure that their actions do not endanger passing vehicles and people. The company has a responsibility for making sure their work does not create unsafe driving conditions and may be held accountable when it fails to do this.

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Types of Construction Negligence

Constructing roads often entails tearing down obstacles and road parts, such as older roads, which generates large amounts of debris. Any of this debris that is left on or damages active roads could create uneven pavement and other driving hazards. Because nearby roads are more dangerous during heavy construction, companies are responsible for:

  • Using signs to alert drivers of construction zones
  • Separating traffic from construction with protective barriers
  • Painting the lanes accordingly when certain roads are closed

When companies fail to take measures such as these, they are putting innocent drivers at risk of severe injuries for which they could be held accountable for.

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