Rhinelander Lack of Guardrails Lawyers

Guardrails are present on many roads for the purpose of keeping vehicles from driving off of the roadway in the event of a driver error or accident.  Whenever a road is constructed on terrain that would be hazardous for vehicles, such as near a large body of water or a significant drop, guardrails are absolutely essential.  Local municipalities are responsible for ensuring that guardrails are present and in good repair, and may be held accountable for harm that befalls motorists when they fail to do so.

If you have been hurt by the absence or the disrepair of guardrails along the roadway, we can help you to seek financial compensation for related expenses. Contact a Rhinelander lack of guardrail attorney of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. at 800-242-2874 to speak with a member of our dedicated staff about your potential case.

Dangers of Missing Guardrails

Although drivers typically do not drive off the road under normal circumstances, they do frequently drive at night and in adverse weather conditions which make driving safely more difficult.  Additionally, any accident with another vehicle could force a car to the edge of the road, and if it is not protected by a guardrail then a vehicle might:

  • Rollover
  • Drive into a body of water
  • Fall from a significant height
  • Drive into oncoming traffic
  • Cross into an area designated for pedestrian foot traffic

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