Rhinelander Objects on the Roadway Lawyers

When roads are properly maintained and the vehicle in a driver’s control functions correctly, there is little reason for a single-vehicle accident to occur. However, when objects are left in the roadway, motorists may suddenly lose control of their vehicle or be unable to avoid a collision. Debris on roads with high speed limits is especially dangerous because drivers have even less time to react, thereby increasing the likelihood of an accident that might produce severe injuries. Municipalities and construction crews are responsible for keeping the roads clear of these obstacles and may be held accountable for the failure to do so.

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Hazards Posed By Objects on the Roadway

The nature and severity of the threat created by an object on the roadway will vary according to its own size, weight, whether it is anchored, and other factors. The following, however, are indicative of the kinds of problems that these obstacles may create:

  • Drivers may be forced to swerve and could lose control of a vehicle or collide with other vehicles
  • Objects in the roadway may cause one side of the car to be lifted, resulting in a rollover
  • A vehicle may be brought to a stop violently
  • Nails and other sharp objects might rupture a tire and cause a blowout

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