Rhinelander Shoulder Drop-Off Lawyer

Many highways and freeways offer roadside shoulders to drivers who must pull over. Unfortunately, shoulders are commonly made of a gravel composite, which degrades and erodes over time. This creates a condition in which the shoulder is several inches lower than the road itself, which is known as shoulder drop-off. Any driver who moves out of the driving lane and encounters a shoulder drop-off is in danger of losing control of his or her vehicle, potentially causing a serious auto accident.

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Common Causes of Shoulder Drop-Offs

The loose gravel material that composes most roadside shoulders has the tendency to disperse over time, making the shoulder several inches shorter than the road. The following are common causes of shoulder degradation:

  • Frequent use by heavy trucks, shifting the road material
  • Back-draft from large vehicles, displacing the gravel
  • Wind and water erosion
  • Loss of layers from snow plow blades

Any municipality that neglects necessary shoulder maintenance in fixing this degradation is allowing an unsafe driving environment. As this puts drivers at risk, the government agency should be held accountable for any resulting injuries.

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