Rhinelander Uneven Pavement Lawyers

Road defects that are left unrepaired can represent a significant and very real risk to drivers.  Some defects, such as uneven pavement, are very hard to recognize and give people almost no time to react. Often times auto accidents of this nature are very preventable and occur because of negligent road maintenance. In these cases, the municipal body responsible for maintaining the safety and integrity of the road should be held financially accountable if unsuspecting drivers are injured because of uneven pavement that has not been addressed.

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Common Causes of Uneven Pavement

Uneven pavement can result from a number of different causes, often related to the construction, maintenance, and the flow of traffic on a road.  A few such causes are:

  • Faulty construction
  • Inadequate or incorrect repair and resurfacing
  • Wind, water, snow, and ice erosion
  • Wear from constant, heavy traffic

When a road with uneven pavement is left unattended, there is a risk that drivers can lose control of their vehicles. When a tire moves to or from pavement that is not flat, it may suddenly be wrenched in a different direction and steer the car in a dangerous direction before the driver can regain control. The repercussions of this should not be the responsibility of innocent drivers.

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