Rhinelander Lack of Informed Consent Lawyer

Once a doctor has decided on a treatment plan for your condition, they are required to obtain your informed consent. This means that you must be informed of the proposed treatment plan before any type of surgery or treatment commences. The doctor is required to inform you of the treatment plan as well as any possible side effects that may occur due to the treatment plan. A treatment plan as simple as the prescription of a drug requires the doctor to obtain informed consent. If a doctor administers any drugs or performs a surgery without your informed consent, the doctor has not only violated your rights but may put you at risk for other health complications related to the treatment or surgery. The only occurrence that does not require a doctor to obtain informed consent is emergency situations that require immediate medical care in order to save a person’s life or prevent further serious harm. If you have received treatments or if you have undergone surgery without your informed consent, contact an attorney immediately to learn about your legal options.

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