Rhinelander Defective Garage Door Opener Lawyer

Garage doors have been used for decades as a simple way to protect an automobile from inclement weather and possible theft. Despite the many technological advancements made in the country, the mechanisms that controlled a garage door have not changed much since their invention. While modern day garages can be opened with convenient garage door openers, the potential for the door to fall is still very high. If a garage door opener is manufactured with defects, the small springs and wires that control the door may break or malfunction, causing the door to crash down on anything in its path. Whether your garage door is made of a heavy or light material, a falling garage door can seriously damage property and cause serious injury if it falls on a person. If you or your property has been damaged or injured due to a defective garage door, contact an attorney to discuss your legal options. You should not have to suffer the physical and financial fall out associated with injuries or damaged property when a defective product is to blame.

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