Rhinelander Truck No Zone Accident Attorneys

Due to their immense size, 18-wheelers have very large areas around them that have no visibility. If a car is in one of these areas around a truck, the truck’s driver may not be able to see them. If the trucker makes a maneuver and collides with a car, the resulting accident can be devastating. Because of this risk of accidents, cars should avoid driving in these no zones, whenever possible. But in the event of a collision, they should ensure they are advised of their legal rights.

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Knowing Where the No Zones Are

As the driver of a passenger car, you may have never set foot into the cab of a commercial truck and therefore may have only a limited sense of what a trucker can and cannot see. Accordingly, it is important to note the typical locations of no zones so that you can exercise appropriate caution. Truck drivers must pay particular attention to the entry and exit of automobiles in the follow places:

  • Immediately in front of the truck
  • Immediately behind the truck
  • At the immediate side of the truck, behind the position of the seat

Regrettably, as truck drivers rush to meet unrealistic deadlines or to fight through the fog of drowsiness, they may fail to pay adequate attention to their no zones and other motorists may suffer the consequences.

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